Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Early History of the Order

When the Blood Elves came back to Silvermoon they found a city in ruines. Soon they found out that rebuilding the cities powerfull arcane stuctures would take a specialist in the field.

Traveling with the Prince to Silvermoon was Baron Kuàlthas Sunstorm, who was a powerful Blood Knight and who had the knowledge of both the light and the arcane. He was assigned to form an Order dedicated to rebuild the great city of Silvermoon.

As written and signed by:
Baron Kuàlthas Sunstorm

Location for our home

We need to decide where we're going to have our home. This will be the place where we will have meetings and where you can go when you're feeling lonely or want to RP. I've coloured some of the possible locations, you should check them out and post in comments which you like most.

Red: Area next to Jewelcrafters, two big shards are in the room.
Blue: Underground place where the matriarch of all Blood Knights is having here home, no chairs could be found...
Yellow: The Silvermoon City Inn, the most centered Inn in Silvermoon and it houses lots of chairs, drinks and food!

Written and signed by:
Baron Kuàlthas Sunstorm

Novus Ordo Arcanorum founded!

Novus Ordo Arcanorum was just founded when Baron Kuàlthas Sunstorm found ten people willing sign the charter. Only four remained but still I've got faith this new roleplaying guild will have a bright future. When you're a member and also would like to post on these forums, make sure you've got a Google Account and mail it to me ingame. Then I'll grant you permission to post here. May the power of the Arcane magica be with you!

Written and signed by:
Baron Kuàlthas Sunstorm